About Siya Ayurveda

Siya Ayurveda started its journey under the management and execution of Eternity E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. Siya Ayurveda curates, crafts, and delivers premium quality herbal products that range from skin and hair for your well-being. Our selected botanical extracts and traditional Ayurvedic ingredients are of the highest purity and concentration standards, with exemplary benefits. Siya Ayurveda opens a world of enchanting agents and aromas that heal, enhance, and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Immerse Yourself in Difference

Ayurvedic ingredients have been used for their therapeutic properties and benefits; absorbing these values leads to a positive and immersive well-being experience. Our products are 100% pure and herbal. We also refrain from using harmful chemicals, perfumes, and additives.

A Healthy Timeless Glow for Everyone

A healthy glow is a challenge in modern days. We are procuring and curating ways to nourish your skin and hair to emanate a glow from inside and every day. Our products are plant-based, cruelty-free, and contain the goodness of nature that ensures 360° health and glow for skin and hair.

Our mission

We have taken it to our shoulders the responsibility of high-quality, herbal, pure wellness products that promote health, well-being, and cruelty-free living. We have sourced our ingredients with ethical and sustainable production. The timeless wisdom within Mother Nature is essentially healing, and we harness that energy for you. Siya Ayurveda offers a transformative experience that enhances and redefines your self-care. Discover with us the perfect balance of radiance and harmony in every ounce of our product as we form a community of individuals who share our passion for nature and the natural.

Our Motto is to live with kindness, empathy, and balancing harmony

Our corporate practice is not simply about selling high-quality herbal products but also about influencing the surroundings. That’s why we treat our customers, employees, and partners with political correctness and respect.

100% Pure Extract

We assure a static purity standard, meaning our herbal extracts are 100% pure and free of artificial, synthetic, or perfume elements.

85% Satisfied Patients

With an impressive 85% satisfaction rate that speaks volumes about our commitment to your well-being.

1,20,000+ Patients Cured

A testament to our unwavering commitment to restoring well-being through exceptional care and innovative treatments.

Meet The Innovator Behind

Innovations happen because of the innate ability to create and inspire, thus changing the world. Meet the face behind our signature innovation: Dr. Megha Chaturvedi. A skin specialist and dermatologist under whose expertise more than 100,000 patients got the care they deserve.

Dr. Megha Chaturvedi


"One of my friends consulted Dr. Megha for hair loss. After seeing her results, I also visited Dr. Megha Chaturvedi and got wonderful results for postpartum hair fall."